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As part of the George Street Festival, 54.40 visited us. The ticket only costed $5, so I decided I may as well venture on down. The Bucket Truck video shoot was the same day, so I only had to walk across the street to see the concert.
As seen in this picture, Cory Tetford opened, and played well, but I think he was better at the Village People concert.
54-40 came on after that, and me and Stephanie decided to up to the front to watch from up close. They came out on stage, and played very well, and eventually some people started crowd surfing (if you ask me, crowd surfing there was stupid because there was a street under them to fall on). The first guy to get over the front fell flat on his face, right on the concrete. He was ok, though, because he got up right away and went back out to crowd surf again.
I tried to get them to play the song "Getting What You Want" which was released on a Sam the Record Man CD sampler. Their bassist heard me request the song, but then he started to laugh at me. Then he walked back to the sound engineer, said something to him, and he laughed, too.
But overall, it was a very good concert, and well worth the $5 I paid to get in.

If anyone has any pictures from this concert, could you please e-mail me...

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