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if you are in a band, and want to anounce an up comming show that you are performing in, e-mail me and tell me about it. i'll post an anouncement about it here. please include date of the show, venue, all-ages or bar show, and the price to get in. as well, if you can, i'd also like to know who else is playing and what time it starts...

June 11th, 1999
Bucket Truck, and Trimmed Naval Beef play at the Edge tonight. I'll presume it's a bar show, with the music starting at around 10:30 and cover around $5.

June 12th, 1999
Bucket Truck, Drift, and Thumm play tonight at the Edge. I'll pressume, once again, it's a bar show with doors opening at 10:30 and cover being $5.

June 13th, 1999
It's an all-ages event at Junctions. It'll feature ched, supagloo, Slag, Closer Away, This Day Forth, Plan 13 and more! Doors open at 3pm and cover is $5.

June 19th, 1999
It'll be the release pf the CD compilation called "From Under the Rock" and is taking place at PWC. It'll be over 8 hours of bands playing live, baby! When I know who is playing, I'll let you know. But for now, be aware that this will rock and that CDs will be available for $15.

June, 23rd, 1999
Vancouver punk rockers GOB are doing a couple shows here in Newfoundland. Their first gig is today @ the Columbus Club in Corner Brook. The show starts at 7:00pm, doors open at 6:30pm, and it's All Ages!! They'll be joined by By a Threst, Molotov Smile, and Bud. Tickets are $10.

June 24th, 1999
Gob's other shows are today. At 4:00pm is the all-ages show and at 10:30 is the bar show. Tickets are still $10, and will still be joined by By a Threat, Molotov Smile and Bud.

June 30th, 1999
lemontree, supagloo, and Spunk are playing at the Edge tonight. Another bar shindig baby!

July 1st, 1999
What are you doing on Cannabis, errrr, Canada Day? Well, why not go to Bungapalooza in Carboneer? You've got everything you want there...bands, food and beer! Bands playing include lemontree, The Phags,Debris, Fuse, Glimmer, Thumm, Supagloo, and marble. I'll hopefully see you out there. As I get information, I'll let you know.

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