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Tip no. 1: Always order it with gravy
Tip no. 2: Never blow your cover
Tip no. 3: Rock, Drop & Roll

These are the three tips that Drive suggest that we foloow on their first full lenght album, entitled "Blink". With eleven of twelve songs being, pretty much, electric, it is safe to say that these guys like to rock. That one song, being "St. Valentines day", shows that they have this soft side to them as well.

One of the songs on this CD, actually, did get a fair bit of radio play back when it was released in 1995 (I think that's the year). The track was "3 O'Clock drunk" and I can remember hearing it on the top 10 at 10 on my local radio sation.

The three members of this band are:
Sean Panting..Guitar and Vocals
Chris Batstone..Bass and Vocals
Adam Staple..Drums and Vocals

This CD was released on Kinetic Records Inc. based out of Toronto. It will soon be re-released on Drives own label ALice Productions.
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