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Cover Story has to be one of the most interesting CD's released in Newfoundland in a while. It features 15 Newfoundland bands covering 15 Newfoundland classics.
One of the more interesting covers would have the be the first track on the CD, which is the Spunk cover of Great Big Sea's "Fast As I Can". They open with a typical GBS style song, but then break into their own style of music.
The funnest song is the cover of the Wonderful Grand Band track, "Babylon Mall" by Ritche and the Ravens (aka. almost Potatobug).
My personal favorite song on the CD at the moment is the Draize Eye Test cover of "Breathe", by Afterforever. Not to take away from the original, which is a great song, but I persoanlly like this version more.

SpunkFast As I CanGreat Big Sea
Draize Eye TestBreatheAfter Forever
Raquel HoekmanShe's Like the Swallowowner unknown
Quel BruitPerpetratorSchizoid
Dog Meat BBQFreedom To Freak OutPeter Narvaez
Fur Packed ActionDance of the Flaming AssholesDog Meat BBQ
Ritche and the RavensBabylon MallWonderful Grand Band
Gravel Pit CampersBeggars BluesT-N-T
Trimmed Naval BeefCrash and BurnThomas Trio and Red Albino
Hung UpBubblegummer/King of AtlantisSterlingslacks
The PlanksUncle Harry's Out of ShapeRufus Guichard
LizbandCurve of HeavenMike Wade
AstroglossaShock AbsorberPeter Francis Quinlan

This CD is simply amazing...The sound quality could not be any better, and the talent of the musicians is beyond compare! I really recomend this CD if you haven't already gottenit!

Click here to see the cover for this CD in black and white.
This CD is released by ALice Productions, and distributed by No Records.

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