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Draize Eye Test are one of the more interesting bands around in the local scene. I can truthfully say that I have not heard any other CD locally that sounds ANYTHING like this. The music has a bit of a White Zombie fell to it, but, for the most part, without the speed of their music. Their lack of a drummer also makes them very intersting on stage because their drums sound so good.

This four track EP was recorded on an eight track back in 1996, and their use of samples is quite interesting. The four songs are:
2.The Coven
3.My Solitude
4.I've Got You

"I've Got You" is the only track that is not original, being a cover of the 1980's song by Split Endz.

The musicians in this band go through constant changes, but on this CD were:
Bob Earle..Keyboards/Programming
Kathy Rowe-Earle..Bass
Sean Panting..Guitar
Ritchie Perez..Guitar

You can get to their website by going here.
You can see the cover of this CD by clicking here.

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