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Potmaster, a now defunct band, had a very original sound for a local band. They combined loud guitars, good bass lines, and a strong female voice. Released back in 1995, this is still one of the better local CDs ever released.

The four musicians that performed on this CD are:
Smug Bastarda.k.a. Hub..Bass, Vocals, Guitars
Bad Ass Larvaa.k.a. John Fisher..Guitars, Vocals
Tiny Tokera.k.a. Tont Tucker..Drums, Vocals
Exotica Supremea.k.a. Natalie Noseworthy..Guitar, Vocals

The track list is as follows:
1.The Ringing
3.Queen Bee
6.The Song that Cannot be Named
7.Karate Elvis
11.Secret Track
12.Secret Track #2

The cover of this CD can be viewed by clicking here.
"Freak Me Out to the Deluxe" was released on Best Dressed Records.

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