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OK, so here's my situation. I go to all the shows I can get to, and most of the time, as you all know, I take along my camera and take a bunch of pictures. I'll pay about four bucks for a roll of film, and then about five or six for development. That totals up to about 10 dollars in costs...

Now, I don;t usually have a problem with paying that, but I really can't be paying $10 on top of the price to get in, and, as well, buying all the music. Now, I'm not going to stop paying to get in, nor will I stop buying the music. I, also, won't stop taking pictures at shows, but what is going to have to happen is that less pictures are going to have to be taken....unless...

Unless some kind person (bar owner??) wants to sponser me and put some type of advertisment on this page. I'm not going to be asking for a lot of money. Very little, actaully. I could put your logo, and have a seperate page placed here specifically for you. If where you work holds shows, just let me know what shows are happening when, and they'll all be placed on both my show announcements section, as well as on your own little section.

Please feel free to e-mail me at for more information.

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