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March 23rd and 24th at the St. John's Memorial Stadium marked the first Youth Info Fair, a place where youth could go for free to learn about future job oppourtunities for free. Along with the free booths set up was free musical entertainemnt by Out of Hand, the Susan Gale Band, the lizband, Bucket Truck, Trimmed Naval Beef, and the Terry-Lynn Eddy band. All bands were organized by Bruce Pearce. I was only able to make it out to see lizband and Bucket Truck, so if anyone else has pictures of any of the other bands, please let me know, and I'll be glad to place the pictures here (with credit to you, of course!). Here are my pics!

lizband - Pic 1||Pic 2||Pic 3||Pic 4||Pic 5
Bucket Truck - Pic 1||Pic 2||Pic 3||Pic 4

Congrats to the CSC and anyone else who put off this very succesful Youth Info Fair. Hopefully there will be another one next year, and if so, I'll see you there!

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