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"I've Been Here Before" is the 2nd release from the lizband. Unlike their first EP entitled "Siz Songs". Unlike that release, the songs on this CD are more towards a melodic side of band with songs such as "Sally Ann Song", "Belly Painting" and "Lone Star". Other songs touch on the harder rock side of the band, and the first track, entitled "Amazing" touches on both sides of their sound.

Performing on this CD are:
Mike Clarke..Drums/percussion, glock
Mike Kean..Bass
Marcel Levandier..Guitars
Liz Pickard..Vocals, guitars

The track listing is as follows:
1. Amazing
2. Sally Ann Song
3. Belly Painting
4. Remember
5. You'll Get Yours
6. Love Song To Me(n)
7. Parallel Universe
8. (She's Got A) Rock and Roll Heart
9. Where I Live
10. Inside A Flower
11. Emily
12. Lone Star

To see the cover art, click here.
"I've Been Here Before" is a Sniz Ink/Best Dressed Records production, 1997.

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