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PotatoBug have finally had their last two shows today. An all-ages show (which started at 4:30. One hour and a half late, minus Ched) and a bar show (minus lemontree, plus JKW). They've had a couple other "last shows" but there was always something that forced them to have another (broken bass drum four songs in, in one case). If you didn't make it down to the shows, then you missed out on a lot. I got down to the all-ages (I couldn;t go to the bar show for money and transporation reasons) and got a bunch of pictures. Take a look-see!

Molotov Smile - Pic 1||Pic 2||Pic 3
Fur Packed Action - Pic 1||Pic 2||Pic 3||Pic 4||Pic 5
PotatoBug - Pic 1||Pic 2||Pic 3||Pic 4||Pic 5||Pic 6||Pic 7

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