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this will be a section where local CDs, tapes, vinyls, or any other format can be reviewed by either myself, or by anyone else (that means you). i can only review what i have, so i encourage everyone to review their local CDs and i will post their review here.

Draize Eye Test--fallacious, useless, and above all, cruel
lizband--i've been here before
Fur Packed Action--the dull THUD of fur
Potmaster--freak me out to the Deluxe
Various--Cover Story

Other reviews to show up here soon will include:
Afterforever, Gearbox, Sheavy, Susan Gale Band, Bucket Truck, Peave-A-Chord 1996 CD, Lizband, Marble, Potatobug, Kelly Russell and the Planks, and others...

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