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June 2nd, 1999
You've all heard of Hit Parader, no? Well, if not, it's a magazine out of the States with mass production and sells a lot of copies. They do feature articles on the big bands of the moment in metal. As well as the feature articles, they also have little spotlights on up and comming bands, and in the most recent issue (w/ Jon Davis of KoRn on the cover) there is a little article on none other than sHEAVY in there. You think it's possible that sHEAVY will be touring with the OZZFest or something to that effect in the future?? Who knows what may come of this! Once I get the magazine, I'll be sure to post it here!

May 21st, 1999
Congratulations goes out to Supagloo who won last night's Soundclash'99 finals. Comming in second place was Zeppelin Sunday with Fuse placing 3rd. 30 bands started and these three bands came out on top. Congrats to all bands that participated in this years event, and see you at next years!

May 14th, 1999
It's down to three bands from 30 in Soundclash '99. The final is set for May 20th at the Edge and should start around 10:30. The onl band that I know is in the final is Zeppelin Sunday, so if you know who the other band is, could you please e-mail me. Thanks. and good luck to all finalists.

April 25th, 1999
Another local band ending it...Local rockers Drive are ending thei reign as, well, ummmm.....Drivers, mabey? Well, however I put it, they are calling it quits, and are having two last shows in mid-May, so look here for more info soon.

April 11th, 1999
It seems as though some local band members are moving away as of late. They haven't left yet, but Brian Downton of Potatobug fame, and JKW (and other bands, just can't remember right now) is moving to Calgary in May. And one of the vocalists from Plan 13 is moving to Toronto at the end of the month. Bye TJ!
Guys, you'll be missed.

April 8th, 1999
Local citrus rockers lemontree have got their own free e-mail thingy set up. Now, instead of having your address, you can have your address! Just go to their homepage and sign up! I already did! You can e-mail me at!! As well, the last Potatobug show is set to happen at the Edge on April 24th (thats a Saturday!). An all-ages in the afternoon and a bar in the evening. EVERYONE HAS TO BE THERE IF THEY EVER WANT TO SEE THE COCONUT GORILLA MAN ALIVE AGAIN!!! So please, for his sake, be there! For more info, check my show announcement page.

March 13th, 1999
Here's some local bands CD information for ya'll! Hung Up should be going into the studio in April to record their debut CD ("Pigeon Fish" better be recorded, guys!). lizband may have a new album out in about a year or so. Plan 13 have almost finished their recording, and Gearbox are working on their new CD. Drive will have a new album, or sorts, comming out sometime soon, and it will be called "Drivel". The local talent compilation seems to be comming along nicely. For the bands out there contributing, I'd like to get your tracks as soon as possible, so just keep that in mind. For you people out there, bands with songs on this CD will include Drive, lizband, sHeavy, Bucket Truck, some rap band featuring Hung Up, Zeppelin Sunday, Sunday Noise, DUMbP, and many more. Look for this CD at shows hopefully by May or June for the price of about lunch.

February 21st, 1999
At the battle of the bands out at Queen Elizabeth, Dollhouse came out on top. Congratulations to them on their win. I'll hopefully be getting pictures from this show soon, so look back for them.

February 17th, 1999
Last night, at the Mt. Pearl Frosty Festival Battle of the Bands, Slag came out victorious. Congratulations to Slag on their win. I was not able to go to this battle because I have a test today and had to study...:-(
the next Battle that you will be able to attend will be at Queen Elizabeth this Friday, the 19th. As well, Soundclash'99 will soon be starting up again at The Edge.

February 2nd
Fur Packed Action will be playing live over the CBC on February 13th. They will be playing in the lobby of the Delta Hotel, so plan on either being there to see them, or turn on the CBC to listen to them! What time? Not sure. I'll let you know when I know, though!
And, if you've ever said to yourself, "I wonder what Drive, lizband, or Gearbox arelike live?". Well, wonder no longer because you can now watch them in concert whenever you want by simply going to this address:
Pretty cool, huh?

January 31st, 1999
What? Does that say December 12th as the last news entry? Sorry...
Well, Bucket Truck are showcasing at the ECMA's again, and Fur Packed Action are going on tour. There are also a whole slew of other shows hapening soon, so go see that here. The beggining of the first local talent CD is in the beggining. There's not too much room left on this CD, so if you are interested in being on this, e-mail me. Mid-March is the cut-off point for me to recieve any tracks...I think that's it for now...

December 12th, 1998
This piece of news has to be on eo fhte most interesting, and excellent things to have happened in the local scene in a VERY long time. On January 9th, 1999, Drive, lizband, and Gearbox are participating in a live concert over the internet! It is taking place at the LSPU Hall, and an all-ages show will take place in the afternoon, and the bar show at night. Only the bar show will be broadcast over the internet, and if you want more info, go here.

November 21st, 1998
We haven't had a news update in a while, so here we go! First of all, it looks like Bucket Truck are opening for Sloan when they come here on Friday, November 27th, and Saturday Novemeber 28th. If you are planning on going to see Sloan, please buy your tickets ASAP!!! In local CD news, I have three releases to update you on. The first being the Fur Packed Action CD, which is being released tonight at Plaza Bowl. This is the first Newfoundland CD to include CDRom applications, so I suggest you check this one out! The next CD is the Alice Production CD entuitled "Cover Story". It features bands such as Potatobug, Hung Up, Lizband, Drive, Trimmed Naval Beef, Draize Eye Test, and other covering other local bands. The release date for this CD appears to be December 12th. The last CD is one being released as a school project by a couple students at PWC. Bands recording songs for this include Bucket Truck (Crawlin' Through), Hung Up (The Usual as Per Usual), and Liz Pickard.
That's it for now! Bye!

November 2nd, 1998
I found out last night that my camera ate my film, and no pictures came out...sorry.

October 29th, 1998
I've got two things to post right now. The first is that my site has just been given the Great Big Picnic Great Big Silver award for top 5%. YOu can see the award at the bottom of my main page, and that Big Sugar are playing a concert here tonight on George Street (all-ages), and that you can look here for pictures from that concert on Monday or Tuesday.

October 15th, 1998
It appears as though Draize Eye Test will not be playing any Halloween shows this year. Instead, they will be providing the music for a play that is going on at the LSPU Hall from October 27th until November 9th. Look for their cover of Afterforever's "Breath" on the upcomming "Cover Story" CD, which will be released sometime this fall.

October 10th, 1998
The band Zeppelin Sunday have finished recording their fist EP. It will contain three songs, "One More Reason", "Indifference", and "Without You". It will available to purchasefrom the band themself for a price of about $11. The lyrics will be included in the booklet, as well. The CDs will arive ina few weeks.

September 17, 1998
Here is some info on a new PotatoBug CD to be released on No Name Records. This is the e-mail sent to me by the by No Name.

The Potatobug cd is going to be made up of a bunch of different live
recordings. Ritchie gave me a big bag of sound board tapes. I'm
planning to have about 60 minutes of music. Alot of these tapes have
songs that they don't even play anymore live. It'll be quite a treat.
When it's done it'll be available at Freds Records and by mail order for
people outsite the city. Keep checking out the No Name Records site for

September 1, 1998
Bucket Truck are not appearing on the "Cover Story" CD, due to the fact that they don't have the time to record their song.
On the better Bucket Truck side, look for an extended version of "Dynamo" to be played at Summersault '98 in both St. John's, Bowring Park, and in Shediac, Can Am Speedway (that the right location?).

Here's an e-mail I got from Kathy Rowe-Earle, bassist for Draize Eye Test. It explains why they weren't at Peace-A-Chord and talks about a new local CD comming out in October, with local bands covering local bands..

Unfortunately we were not able to play this years Peace-A-Cord due to my
recent surgery and the fact that our lead singer was out of town. We are
however planning a Halloween Blow-out show. We are not sure yet where this
will happen yet, but we are getting ready now with new tunes. We are also
not sure about being able to book a spot, that's a pretty booked up time
for all bands.
I don't know if you know about this or not, so I'll tell you anyway:
There is currently a new CD in the works (actually the recording is now
completed), for local bands covering local bands. Neat idea hey!! The
title is called "Cover Story" (but this may change). The CD was recorded
at the Nickel during a two week period.
Some of the bands on this CD include: Liz Band, Drive, Gearbox, Fur
Packed Action, TNB, Susan Gale, Draize Eye Test, Potato Bug and others
(I can't remember them all). The whole thing is the brain-child of Alice
Records owner, Adam Staple (drummer for Drive). The CD will most likely
be getting national distribution as well.
We recorded our tune on Regatta Day with producer Tom Ronan. I'm very
pleased to say that we are quite excited about how it turned out. So
far, the tunes I have heard on this CD are fantastic. Actually, I would
say that this will perhaps be the best local CD released in years. The
production is great and the cover tunes are quite varied. It should be
in stores for Oct 98 (just in time for Xmas).
As for my band, we are writing new tunes and hopefully when we get some
monies we will be putting out a full length. But don't hold your
breath, is tight these days. And all of us work daily so time is
hard to come by. God knows, normal jobs are needed,....we can't rely on
the little we make from playing music. Not in this town anyway.
Well, I hope it was alright to drop you a line on your email. Once
again, the page is fantastic!!!! Thanks for supporting local
music,....we need more like you!!!!
Kathy Rowe-Earle

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