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On January 8th, 1998, the super Canadian group Our Lady Peace visited St. John's. The concert itself was great, but the opening band, the Monoxides were a big let down.

As you can see, the ticket cost me $30, but not only that, I also bought a ticket for Stephanie (it was a Christmas gift). The Monoxides did play well, but their music was not really my style. I was also hoping to see Everclear, because they were opening, for the most part, for the rest of the Canadian tour.
Then there was Our Lady Peace themself. I remember that the first song they played was Automatic Flowers, which used to be one of my favorite songs, but now it scares me...You see, I was trampled during that song, and the only way I got out was because I was able to hold on to some mans arm who helped me up. The rest of the concert was amazing, though. They even covered a song by the Beatles!! It was well worth my money, even if I was trampled...

This is what Raine looked like while I was being stepped on...

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