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peace-a-chord 1998 pictures

Here are the first couple of pictures from Peace-A-Chord 1998! They're taking a lot more time to scan and alter (change the lighting and resize), so it may take a little while longer to get them all up.
As well, the pictures themself have a better picture quality than the scans...
Well, here they are!

Bucket Truck pictures!
Piture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5Picture 6
Picture's 4, 5, and 6 were taken by Lora; scanned by me.

Little Train pictures
Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3

Penelope's Lament||Hung Up||Trimmed Naval Beef||CHED||Susan Gale Band
Glitch||Buddha Juke||Liz Band||Spunk||Thumb||Fur Packed Action
2nd Stage Drum Jam||Gearbox w/ Fergus||Molotov Smile||Kurt Moyst
Bognostroclum||WheadEater||Marble||Sunday Noise
Do you want to know what songs Spunk played during their performace?
Click here to see (148k image).

The following pictures were taken by Johanna. If you want to use these, you must contact her.
Hung Up||Bucket Trucknot during their performance

Hopefully I'll have some more up sooner rather than later...

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