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Sloan finally made it Newfoundland. After cancelling their first gig (sick drummer) and not being able to make Summersault '98, they finally appeared at the Memorial University TSC. As described on the Bucket Truck homepage, the show was more like a Jerry Springer show with fans being spit on, and beer being tossed everywhere.

Bucket truck opened for Sloan, and, due to the smoke present, the pictures during the Bucket Truck set did not come out. Jud, their bassist, did however, take some pictures for me backstage. Here are a couple of them...

Chris Hanley||Matt Wells||Mike Rizkalla||Mike Stewart

After Bucket Truck came Sloan, which was when the beer began to flow. A couple people started to crowd surf, and they were kicked out of the concert. There were, aparently, a couple people right up in the front who were causing some trouble, and Sloan (Chris Murphy to be exact) asked for them to be removed. While security was taking them out, they started a "kafufel" with the band, and someone in the crowd was even spat on. Sloan ended up leaving the stage, and the crowd then began to chant, "F**kers". I was surprised to see them come back out onto the stage, but they finished off their set to the people who stuck around.
The highlight for me was when Chris Murphy took some girl out of the crowd, and had her play bass!

The Girl with Chris' Bass||Sloan

The camera I used to take these pictures was a digital camera, with video capabilities. Check out this 900K video clip I took. It's gonna take a while to download, so please be patient...
Right click on it, and pick "Save Link As" or "Save Target As"...

Sloan Video Clip

I was speaking to Jay downtown the next day, and he told me that Sloan wouldn't do another show here unless it was strickly all-ages, so I look forward to seeing Sloan here next with an all-ages crowd!
Return soon to see a couple other pictures...

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