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On February 14th, 1998, the local group Bucket Truck released their debut CD, Mr. Hero. This is a picture of the ticket I bought to get into the show...
The show opened with the debut of the punk band Hung Up. Bucket Truck's guitarist Mike Stewart plays guitar with them, and, in my opinion, they were not that great (but they played about two months later, and were great that day...they will sure to be an excellent band in the future). After them came a band from Carbonear called Dcaff...After them were Ched, who are a very fun band to listen to.
Then was Bucket Truck. The show lasted about three hours, and Bucket Truck played for about 45 minutes, playing mostly songs from there CD Mr. Hero (you can purchase that CD from their site; link at top of page) besides for their one cover of Sugar Ray's song Mean Machine.

This is the front of an invitation they gave out for the bar show on Friday the 13th
What a kind gesture

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