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June 8th, 1999
I jsut added three shows for this weekend to the announcements page. One of 'em is all-ages!!

June 5th, 1999
I just got the pictures from last Sunday (May 30th) up on the page. Click here to go see them!

June 2nd, 1999
Check out the news section, and I got all (well, most, anyway) the Gob show info you really need! Click here to get yer fill!

May 26th, 1999
Two shows were added for this Saturday night and for June 30th.

May 24th, 1999
I altered the regularly scheduled final Drive shows for the weekend. Now go read what is going on on those nights!

May 23rd, 1999
I added a pretty big Canada Day concert annoucement to my show's page.

May 21st, 1999
Added news to my news section

May 20th, 1999
More show announcements...

May 14th, 1999
I added the same bit of info to both the news and show announcements sections.

May 2nd, 1999
Pictures from the last Potatobug show are now up. Click here to look at them. Watch for a contest on this homepage VERY soon...

May 1st, 1999
I just added a new show announcement, and updated the Potatobug announcent, as well.

April 28th, 1999
I just updated the PotatoBug show announcemnt in the show section.

April 25th, 1999
I added a new show announcement, add all the info for the PotatoBug final show in that announcemtns page, as well, and I also added news about another local bands calling it quits in the news section.

April 20th, 1999
I just got the pics form the all-ages show at Junctions up on my page. It includes a really cool picture you can use for your wallpaper on your computer. Go see for yourself!

April 15th, 1999
I just added that moving animation of 7 local bands to the index page. I just took these pics from ones I have taken (the clearest ones I have). If you have a nice clear pic of your band, send it to me and I'll change it every now and then!
I also changed a show announcement.

April 13th, 1999
What you see if what you get! I just added a new index page, and kinda changed the main page. Nothing besides that!

April 12th, 1999
A few more shows were announced and I also updated a show because the date was changed. Look for a bit of a change in the way local talents looks very soon! Not much of a change, but just a little! I hope you will like it!

April 11th, 1999
Who put the news in the news section? I did, baby!
Please don't kick my ass for that! That song is stuck in my head!

April 8th, 1999
I added new in the News section and show announcements in the Show Announcemtn section. Go check it out!

March 31st, 1999
I just got another altered image in that section. Go check it out!

March 26th, 1999
I just added another show announcement for tonight in the announcement section, and added pictures from the Youth Info Fair. Check it out!

March 24th, 1999
Happy Birthday to me!
I added a show announcement in that section so go check it out! All-Ages baby!!!

March 21st, 1999
I just added a new altered image in it's section. Thanks goes out to Acid Warp for altering that image! Great job brother! (hehe)

March 17th, 1999
Some pictures were just added. Not you normal show pictures, however, rather some screen shots from the Enhanced CD that goes along with the Fur Packed Action CD, "the dull THUD of fur". Click here to go see those screen shots!

March 15th, 1999
I just added the pics from the JKW CD release party. Their CD "We are the Goat Lords" is now available from the band.

March 14th, 1999
I just put an addition onto one of the show announcements.

March 13th, 1999
A new all-ages show at the Edge was announced, as well as new information on the Free show as added. Yes, it's still free, I just found out some more info! Go here to see it all! There may even be new news in the news section.

March 11th, 1999
I announced a FREE show in the show announcement section. Go check it out!

March 7th, 1999
Pictures from You'99 were added! It took place last night at the Reid Center in Mount Pearl!

February 26th, 1999
A show tomorrow night at the Edge was announced in the announcements section.

February 25th, 1999
Just added a new section! This is a section for altered images of local bands! You can submit your own altered image by e-mailing me, but other than that, go to the altered images section now!

February 21st, 1999
Added a show announcement here and added the comic sans ms font to my page. This site looks best while using that font so if you don't have it insatlled on your computer, than install it, and my page should look just a little bit better! Don't forget to read the news section, because something was added there, too.

February 18th, 1999
Pictures of Supagloo, JKW, and PotatoBug are now here from their show in Valentine's Day. Go here to see them. Let me know if you can't view these pictures by e-mailing me. Don't forget about the JKW CD release party on Saturday!

February 17th, 1999
News in the news section.

February 16th, 1999
A CD release party was announced in the show announcement section. The CDs will be only about $7!!!

February 10th, 1999
A couple more shows were announced in the show section. Check it out!

February 4th, 1999
I just put a page up asking for someone (anyone) to help me out by advertising on my page. Go here for more info, or e-mail me at

February 2nd, 1999
Pretty cool news was added in the news section. Go check it out!

January 31st, 1999
I added a page for helping CHMR-FM 93.5. They are in some trouble right now, and need your help to stay on air! Please help.

January 30th, 1999
Some news was added, as well as a bunch of shows were announced. I also made it so that when you open pictures on a few of my pages that they open in their own little small window. You can see what I mean by going here and opening the pictures found within. E-mail me and let me know what you think of that new way of looking at the pics.

January 24th, 1999
I just added pictures of Drive from the Alice Online show so go check them out.

January 22nd, 1999
Yesterday, actually, I added two show announcements. Today, I added al ink to a site where you can vote for your favorite local band/local album. Go check it out and cast your votes! The link to that page can also be found right below my counter on the main page.

January 16th, 1999
I just added a couple pics of both lizband and Gearbox from this past Saturday nights Alice Online gig. Pictures of Drive will be here shortly. Go here to see the pics.

January 10th, 1999
I updated my links section today. If you want your link there, and it isn't, e-mail me.

January 7th, 1999
I just added a couple pictures taken at the December 23rd show at the Curling Club. Not too many pics came out...sorry everyone.

January 6th, 1999
The first update of the new year is a show announcement in the show announcement section. Don't forget that if there is something that really ought to be added to local talent, let me know by e-mailing me at

December 29th, 1998
It's 3am, and I just finished my Cover Story CD review... Check it out, or read other reviews here.

December 27th, 1998
I finally got a band section completed. Go here to choose whether you'd like to see the Java-enabled page, or the page without Java. More band section comming soon!

December 25th, 1998
Look at this! It's Christmas Day, and I don't even get the day off! :)
Today, I added a couple pictures from the Cover Story CD Release Party. I didn't get too many pictures because I had to leave early, and the pics I did get didn't come out that great. But don't fret! Santa gave me a new camera so watch for some good picture from now on!

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