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In 1997, the band Spunk released their debut EP entitled "Atomizer". I, myself, realy like this CD. It has a nice blend of some punk elements, with some very heave riffs added in.

The four members of the band that performed on this CD are:
Aneirin Thomas..Bass and Vocals
Jason Denief..Drums and Vocals
Stephen Guy..Guitar and Vocals
Colin Stoker..Guitar and Vocals

As mentioned, this is only an EP, and contains six songs, and a secret track. The track list is as follows:
1. Spunk
2. Hey Maybe
3. So Mechanic
4. Comfortable Haze
5. The Way Things Really Are
6. Disposition & Secret Song

If you have not yet purchased this CD, I suggest you go out and buy it because it is really good.
Click here to see the cover of this CD.
This CD was released on Crack Records.

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